Mapping the present with an eye to the future.

Route is a team of designers, developers, and cartographers who are dedicated to improving mobility. We use our combined expertise to give cities adaptable tools to set residents and visitors in motion.

Using municipal data, we build intuitive visual systems that help people understand the city and its transportation networks. Our work supports a variety of transportation options including mass transit, bicycling, and alternative modes of transit.

Data + Design + Development

Our interdisciplinary team brings together a wide range of skills including data analysis, visual design, user experience, cartography and software development. See some work samples below.

  • Car-Free Key West
    Car-Free Key West

    The Car-Free Key West interactive map is a mobile-responsive web map that shows the live and up-to-date status of the Key West transportation network – including current bike infrastructure and real-time bus locations.

    The map is built using OpenStreetMap data layered on top of a custom Mapbox tile Style. Phase II of the map’s development will include real-time routing.

    Car-Free Key West

    We conducted community interviews, biked the roads, and developed quick prototypes to get an on-the ground understanding of the user’s journey through biking, walking, and taking transit in Key West.

    We also included hotels, bike rentals, and restaurants in our research.

    Car-Free Key West

    In our next tasks we developed and tested out visual style guides for the print maps.

    Using a beginner-first approach to navigation we plan to develop products that fit the needs of first-time riders in Key West as well as experienced cyclists.

  • NYCDOT Truck Map Update
    NYCDOT Truck Map Update

    This project for NYCDOT consisted of a suite of Truck Route information tools including a high-level Schematic Truck Route Map and Detailed Local Route Maps. These maps together increase the legibility of truck circulation in New York City and are a part of the Vision Zero NYC initiative that aims to decrease city traffic accidents to zero over the next 20 years.

    NYCDOT Truck Map Update

    Freight regulation is a very important piece of the Vision Zero task order for the New York City Department of Transportation. The map project combined intensive data gathering with detailed industry research to come up with the best products to help in reaching Vision Zero goals as well as aid the trucking industry in following city regulations and ease their daily work.

    NYCDOT Truck Map Update

    Production combined knowledge of traditional cartographic principles with new state-of-the art approaches; aiming to unify all products from print to digital. The map aims to keep trucks only on the roads they should be driving and to avoid low clearances.

  • Arlington's Bicycle Comfort Level Map
    Arlington's Bicycle Comfort Level Map

    The Arlington County Bicycle Comfort Level Map features an improved method of rating streets based on comfort level to welcome all kinds of riders.

    This was a project with BikeArlington, a part of Arlington County Commuter Services, an update has been made to the map for 2018.

    Arlington's Bicycle Comfort Level Map

    The map is geared towards the 60% of interested but concerned riders, showing how simple it is to get around the county by highlighting both comfort level and infrastructure. Data was collected by the BikeArlington group with a local’s understanding and perspective. Categories were created based on traffic volume, speed, and road width.

    Arlington's Bicycle Comfort Level Map

    This map aims to highlight the most stress-free routes to get around Arlington. Frequently on Arlington’s roads, bike lanes are accompanied by fast moving traffic and parked cars that pose hazards to people on bikes. There are often times low-volume ,low-speed neighborhood streets that many motor vehicle users may not be aware of, but that will still take people where they need to go.

    Arlington's Bicycle Comfort Level Map

    This map uses a rating system of “perception of comfort” to designate which roads are the most comfortable for new riders. Existing bicycle facilities, motor traffic volume, motor traffic speed, shoulder width, and topography are all taken into account in establishing degree of difficulty.

  • Arlington's Car-Free Diet Map
    Arlington's Car-Free Diet Map

    The Arlington County Multi-Modal Service map increases the legibility of Arlington County transportation, unifies its many transit services, and guides riders through every point of their journey.

    Our goal was to create maps that were approachable and self-evident – they shouldn’t even need a legend to be used adequately.

    Arlington's Car-Free Diet Map

    Public demand for reliable, service-based, and multimodal information guided the design process. Using research and testing, we deciphered what was best for Arlington County to increase transit mode use for all services – including bus, rail, bike, Capital Bikeshare, and walking.

    Arlington's Car-Free Diet Map

    The mapping effort provided Arlington County residents and visitors with the best user experience of its transit information system.


Who We Are

We met through Pratt’s Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative in Brooklyn, NY, where we have had the opportunity to teach and learn about map-making, from data collection to web development and cartography.

  • Kate Chanba is a visual storyteller and teacher. Working with cities large and small, Kate merges iconic design with narrative wayfinding. She creates graphics that enrich the experience of moving about a city and offer a sense of place.

    Kate has designed maps, interactive tools, and graphics for New York City, Portland, The City of Key West, DC Metro, Asheville, Chicago, Nashville, Minneapolis and others. Portfolio.

  • Eric Brelsford is a software developer, mapmaker, and teacher with a passion for community-driven data and open source software. Eric has developed mapping platforms for a variety of organizations and uses, from mapping vacant land (Living Lots NYC) to mapping street litter (Curb Your Litter) to gathering data to support urban agriculture (Farming Concrete). Eric teaches part time at the graduate level at The New School and as part of the Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative at Pratt. Portfolio.

  • Sara Eichner After working for many years as a graphic designer in educational publishing, Sara enrolled in Pratt’s SAVI GIS program in 2015. After completing the program she worked with the Pratt SAVI on the CreateNYC Cultural Plan for All New Yorkers. Her work uses GIS and tells stories with complex data while not losing sight of the texture and complexities of the urban geography and communities behind the data. Sara also maintains a practice as a visual artist, exhibiting in New York and around the U.S. Portfolio.

Who We Work With

We’ve worked with innovative organizations who are producing creative transportation solutions and tools around the country.

  • Route is full of talent and delightful people. We’ve worked with the team on various projects can’t speak highly enough about their skills and professionalism. They are the perfect cross-over of data, mapping, web development and design.

    Jessie Braden, SAVI Lab Director at Pratt Institute
  • Kate was great to work with during the creation, design, and editing our first Arlington County Bicycle Comfort Level map. We wanted a clean, intuitive map that was easy for someone new to Arlington to find a low-stress route. Kate helped make sure that vision was carried through to the final product.

    Henry Dubar, Director of Active Transportation Arlington County Commuter Services
  • Kate Chanba was an integral part of the Carfree Key West that was implemented in coordination with the City of Key West and South Florida Commuter Services, a project of FDOT. Her knowledge and skill level was a valuable addition in developing the bicycle and pedestrian safety campaign by creating user-friendly maps.

    James Udvardy, Project Director, South Florida Commuter Services
  • Kate has a keen eye for design and especially in way finding for cities from biking to walking to public transit. She brings an extensive knowledge of way finding around the world that she marries with unique, thoughtful, custom design.

    Kelly Callahan-Poe, President at Williams Whittle Advertising